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Module  1


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Do you ever stop and think about where you are today compared to where you REALLY want to be...or thought you SHOULD be by this point in your life?  We know this can quickly become a "woe is me" rabbit hole and lead us to feel depressed and down on ourselves.  Sure, we could stop and analyze each fork in the road and what decisions we made or didn't make that led us to the current state of our lives.  Or, maybe you avoid this altogether because you've lost hope or feel that it's not worth the hassle because, honestly, what's the point?

In this module, you will make a directional shift, a course-change down a new path.  You may not see results right away, but you WILL see results.  Do you feel like there is little to no reward for your hustle? We're here to tell you that all of your hard work, although legitimate, is very possibly the wrong work. Yes, you're working hard, but it's not moving the needle in the way you need it.  In reality, your daily actions are misaligned to your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

Image by Marina Khrapova
Image by Markus Winkler

This is where today's exercise comes into play, discovering how to manage yourself.  You may have been told that you need more discipline in your life...we get it; we've said that to ourselves too.  Work harder, be disciplined, don't get distracted by life, etc., etc., etc.  But then, life blows up, and months later, we're up for air and wonder what happened...sound familiar?

We're here to tell you that managing yourself is much more than just becoming "disciplined." Being disciplined is excellent for those who are masters at daily goals and tasks, but most of us need more than someone telling us to be "more disciplined" and a list.  We need facts and knowledge, sure, but we need to connect it deep within ourselves so that we're PULLED by our goals, not trying to push ourselves through the mud of "discipline." 

How DO You Manage Yourself?


You take an honest look at what you're doing so you can step outside your life/drama/distractions and get a big picture - almost like an outsider's view of your time. Which today, you're going to look at your daily actions and how they play into getting to the next level (maybe even skip levels and soar beyond them).  


Managing yourself means managing things that only YOU control. We all know this, but our actions and behaviors do not reflect it. We continue to swim upstream, trying to bend circumstances and people to our will, leaving us exhausted and ready to give up way too soon.  

To manage ourselves, we must take 100% ownership of our own actions and release 100% of others' actions.    

Let's repeat that to help it really sink in, to manage yourself, you must take 100% ownership of your own actions and release 100% of others' actions.

Your exercises for this module will be breaking down tasks that you MUST DO to move you ahead.  This means that busywork, time-wasters, and goalless obligations will be kicked to the curb.  Also, meaning that you will have more time to focus on what really matters and really moves that needle in your life and business.


Let's start by Owning your 3's.  Why only 3?  


Because we're not looking for a diversity of tasks and trying to satisfy many goals, we're looking for laser focus. With only 3, it's easy to remember, it's not overwhelming and puts massive energy into what counts.  

Ready to get started?  Let's own your 3's.


Hopefully, you’ve taken an honest look at what obligations and activities you’re currently doing that are stealing time away from you. We also hope that you have a glimpse of things you’re either avoiding purposely as a form of procrastination, or you have had important and unimportant tasks flipped upside down. Either way, you probably feel frustrated...always lacking the time and never feeling like you ever get to do what you want or need to do because everything and everyone else pulls you away from it.

Not  Getting Done

List 3 things you have NOT done so far this week that you KNOW you MUST do consistently to move forward?



2. ____________________________

3. ____________________________

Busy Work

What are 3 recurring tasks that keep you busy at the sacrifice of being productive?


These are things that look and feel productive but are a version of procrastinating from what you know you need to do.



2. ____________________________

3. ____________________________

Examples: Networking on social media, designing social media pictures, taking selfies, researching, random chatting/posting on social media, or anything that in its RIGHT timing is OK, but is pulling you away from critical, high priority tasks that will help you accomplish your goal.

Time Wasters

What things have you done over the past few days that you probably shouldn’t have done?   


List (up to) 3 time-wasters.



2. ____________________________

3. ____________________________

These are different from Busy Work.  These are different from busy work. Those you are actually accomplishing something, these are just sucking time without anything to show for it.

Over Obligated

What 3 things are you obligated or committed to currently that you probably shouldn’t be?


(Because you have a hard time saying NO)

Three things I probably shouldn’t be committed to right now are:



2. ____________________________

3. ____________________________

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