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Module  2


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In the "Final Discovery & Life Priorities," exercise in Module 3 and 4 of Clarity, you discovered and named your top 3 LIFE PRIORITIES. Now, it's important that you remove those things in your life that are NOT in line with, or that don't uphold and support these priorities. We want you to remove these *misplaced* priorities.

To clarify… Misplaced priorities are those things that you've somehow gotten yourself roped into doing and aren't sure how you got them.

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Perhaps you take on more than you can handle in your business and you despise specific daily tasks that could be passed on to someone.   Maybe it's volunteering for something that you never intended to do, but you felt bad saying no. Or, maybe for you, it's a matter of needing to delegate more tasks (or to start delegating), whether in your business or at home.  As women, there are so many things we take on. We tend to take on A LOT...if no one else does it, it simply falls on us. But this program is about making some intentional decisions and then following through. It may take some upfront work, but it'll be WELL WORTH IT and make life and your business so much easier.

It's now time to go back and uncover these activities and things you're doing that you shouldn't be doing because:

They’re not aligned to your Life Priorities, and they don’t support your goals.

If you're doing things you shouldn't be doing, you more-than-likely won't be TOO upset giving them up. You may feel bad or guilty (at first) saying no to some things, but we promise that will pass. In fact, we have a feeling you'll sigh with relief and feel a weight being lifted off of your shoulders during this process.  We definitely felt that way!

To break cycles and catapult to another level does not mean doing MORE; it means doing the right things with clarity and focus.  So, let's start with a responsibility purge.  Stop here and complete the Responsibility Purge exercise.

Stop here and complete the Responsibility Purge exercise.

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Great work! Now, make sure you follow through and don't just leave it here on a piece of paper. Add some accountability to it by commenting in the group.

Try to have these completed within the week. It doesn't mean that you bail on an obligation to see something through, but you will be finished and clear yourself from future commitments once you complete it.

Responsibility Purge

Refer back to "Manage Yourself," and transfer your answers below. These are 3 things you are obligated or committed to right now that you probably shouldn't be (because you have a hard time saying NO).



2. ____________________________

3. ____________________________

Mindset  Recheck!

We know you're here because you DON'T have time, but if you don't stop to take the time right now to handle things, then you’ll continue to stay in the cycle you’re trying to get out of. You'll revisit the same problems over and over again and feel like you can never "get ahead." So, if you're ready to change your life FOR REAL this time...then keep going. Do NOT stop...YOU are WORTH this work...YOU are the one in charge of your life.

Responsibility Purge Plan of Action

Now, that you've had a quick mindset recheck, go ahead and write down a plan of action that’ll relieve you of these obligations. For example, who do you need to talk to? Who can assume responsibility for new tasks? We've left 5 spaces for you, but of course, feel free to add more if you need.



2. ____________________________

3. ____________________________

4. ____________________________

5. ____________________________

This completes Time: Module 2. Click "Next Lesson" to begin Module 3 or return to the Program Dashboard.

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