Busy & Broke

Guide to Clear/Focused Goals, Owning Your Time, and Unleashing Your Money Potential.


A Straight-forward 21-Day Online Program that helps you:  


  • Achieve massive CLARITY in your strengths - create laser focus, ultra-inspired work, and eye-opening opportunities when you're working in your wheelhouse.  
  • TIME is money - More than mapping out clear goals and time-frames, but know EXACTLY what is worth your time and what will give you the biggest bang for your buck (literally).  
  • Overcome poor MONEY mindsets that have been stifling your growth and keeping you stuck.   


CLARITY - TIME - MONEY; 3 Fundamentals that when ignored will starve a business.



Become aware of your true time vs perceived time. Discover pockets of time to work it. 

For the girl who has big dreams, but seriously needs to find the time to make her time count in all areas.



Overcome past money fears and mindsets. Bling forward and change the old cycle. 

For the girl who is ready to increase her income by making time work for her.



Blurred goals and dreams mean a lot of side-stepping. 

For the girl who's ready to slay, but needs the extra "ooph" of focus and clarity.

Busy & Broke

    • Clarity Chapter Download
    • Revealing
    • Passions & Strengths
    • Final Discovery & Life Priorities
    • Discovering Your Fab 3's


    • Fab 3 Worksheet
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