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Have you ever noticed that it's easier to talk about a lack of money than an abundance of money?  Money is a funny topic, and it's emotional roots run deep within us.  Different beliefs about money become our internal compass. We are often subconsciously trapped, navigating blindly down a road that we consciously don't want to be on.

Many women, including ourselves, have possibly heard that "money doesn't grow on trees," or even used the term "filthy rich," assuming money was gained dishonorably.  We have been programmed from a very young age, a dysfunctional money mindset.  Whether taught by our parents, teachers, friends, or even our own experiences.  

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We know that money is an exchange for a learned trade, knowledge, or skill.  This paycheck affords us an ability to feed our families, put a roof over our heads, and, if lucky enough, enjoy a vacation here and there. 

Possibly money is associated with out-of-touch people.  We say someone was born with a "silver spoon in their mouth." Maybe even the belief that they have stolen from someone or acquired it illegally, it's been given to them without effort, or they just got "lucky,"  if they're rich.      

Perhaps you're even afraid to admit that you WANT to make more money...and not just enough to pay your bills or get out of debt, but significantly more! Instead, we feel the need to remain "humble" and not allow money to turn us into a selfish person. 

We don't want money to change us or become all we think about, but the caveat is, the LACK of money has us thinking about money MORE in, ALL THE TIME! We're stressed out, worried, wake up with anxiety, stomach tied in knots wondering how we'll make ends meet, and know our paycheck is not enough to cover it all.  If we're thinking about what we can't do, bills we can't pay, groceries we can't buy...then how is this serving us?  Not much!

What DOES money buy?  No, we're not referring to happiness...although it helps remove money fears and stress."  We are saying that money buys FREEDOM.  Freedom FROM stress and anxiety.  Freedom TO provide for our family, and more!

Wouldn't you agree that you're way past feeling burned out and broke?

In the previous chapters, Clarity and Time, hopefully, your eyes have been opened.  Now you can see what you need to do and what pockets of time you can accomplish these needle-moving tasks.

 Young Woman Contemplating

In this chapter, we're not going to teach you how to balance your checkbook or create a budget...those are important but don't change your mindset and beliefs surrounding money.  

We have a feeling you're ready to reveal what's holding you back and how you see yourself without money mindset limitations.  

In This Chapter, You Will...

Unlock your truth

Reveal misguided beliefs

Equip yourself with a new story

A new story you will claim as your own going forward.

Ready?  Let's get started.

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