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Module  3


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First, how are you feeling?  Are things finally starting to come together for you?  Maybe making more sense, seeing the method to the madness, so-to-speak?  

Possibly you’re feeling lighter after purging activities and responsibilities you’ve been carrying unnecessarily? You’ve taken massive steps so far, and this is the type of work that most people never take the time to do.  This is the “secret” that everyone is looking for, yet few realize or commit to the real work, which is the work on ourselves.  We couldn’t be prouder of you, and we really hope that you feel the same way towards yourself!

In this module, it’s time to go back to your Fab 3’s exercise from Clarity, and you will now use them in the following exercises.

It’s all coming together!  This will continue to help you pursue a heart-centered life and business that will catapult you in a new direction. 

Refer back and take your Fab 3’s from the CLARITY Module and insert them into your focused time slots. We’ve even created a weekly time breakdown worksheet just for you to make this process as organized as possible.

Time Breakdown Worksheet

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Get The BIG Picture.

Let’s face it, we need a visual picture of what our day looks like. Also, now that you’ve named things that you can drop, it hopefully should open up sometime in the near future for you.

Do you see open time slots on certain days? What days and hours do you have open?

Day / Time

_____________ / _____________

_____________ / _____________

_____________ / _____________

_____________ / _____________

_____________ / _____________

_____________ / _____________

_____________ / _____________

Now, pull out your Fab 3’s Sheet and look at your daily goals.

If your daily goals are not already listed in your time breakdown because you’ve always struggled with finding time to work your business, have time to write, train, network, work on your website, etc...NOW IS THE TIME to add it to your day.

Remember, you only have 3 daily tasks, and depending on your weekly goals, these don’t necessarily become an everyday task.

Daily Activities

Daily Activity One:

I will work it at (time) _____ am/pm, and on the day(s) of _____.

Daily Activity Two:

I will work it at (time) _____ am/pm, and on the day(s) of _____.

Daily Activity Three:

I will work it at (time) _____ am/pm, and on the day(s) of _____.

Now you can complete the bottom section of your Fab 3's Worksheet.

You now have all of your goals AND the days of your daily tasks listed together on one page to help you stay focused and manage your day.

BONUS: We have provided a COMBINED weekly worksheet of breaking down your daily times for your schedule along with your Fab 3’s so that you can manage focus and clarity with your time while keeping your tasks and goals front and center.



You’ve completed the TIME chapter!!  Now, to make the most of it and now that you’re feeling in control and empowered, it’s time to tackle MONEY.


We’ll see you there!

This completes Time: Module 3. Click "Start Money" to begin or return to the Program Dashboard.

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