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Module  4


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Great  Work!  

How do you feel now that you've completed all of your self-discovery statements? Let's not stop here; you're so close to finishing! It's now time to continue further by naming the top priorities in your life.

This may sound like an unnecessary question, after all, shouldn't we already know our life priorities?  Not everyone recognizes or uses their life priorities in a way that moves them closer to their dreams and goals. The purpose of this exercise will help turn your life priorities into a starting block, preparing you for action in the next steps following.

So what exactly are life priorities? Life priorities hold the utmost value to you.  They rarely change, regardless of circumstances - every decision you make in life is navigated by these. For example, working to earn a living, which will provide food and shelter, is a top priority.  Since this applies to everyone, we're going to overlook this particular priority for this exercise.

We really want you to name your life priorities.  Why?

Because  life   priorities  create  Massive  clarity. 

Mother and Daughter Love

I can recall in my life where I've said yes and no to many opportunities.  One that stands out to me was back in college, I remember being offered a job that would've provided me decent pay, and I really wanted to work there.  But during the process, I learned I would've been required to work every weekend.  I didn't have to mull it over, ask for advice, figure out the pros/cons, or even lose sleep.  I immediately told them, "No, thank you!" Why?  Because two of my life priorities were faith and family.  I had prior commitments that fed my life priorities, and I already knew that I was unwilling to negotiate. It made my answer easy!   

Not having life priorities spelled out can lead to us running down wrong paths or facing confusion regarding offers and opportunities.   When we're clear on what these priorities are, we can run full-force towards those goals because they are 100% aligned to who we are and what we stand for at our very core. When we're fully aligned, we can be fully invested.  We also can easily recognize and say no to any distractions that come our way.  

Examples of life priorities are things like faith, family, integrity, honesty, etc. You can expand a little more such as family: providing the best opportunities, raising your kids a certain way, unwilling to sacrifice integrity in your work, and so on. You will see how your 3 priorities paint a broad picture and do not exist separate from each other. They are different, yet go hand-in-hand.

Now it's time for you to state your top 3 life priorities.  These will be used for your future exercises and will be your compass for every decision.  It's good to draw "a line in the sand," so-to-speak. Setting these priorities sets some clear lines in your life so that everything you create and dream going forward will only uphold and support these life priorities. This will make your life feel more purposeful and fulfilling, help you remove a lot of frustration, and give you clear direction going forward.  


Stop here and write your top 3 life priorities in your workbook, or use the exercises below and answer in your own notebook.

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My Top Life Priorities Are:

1. _________________________________

2. _________________________________

3. _________________________________

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