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Module  3


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In this module, we’re finally going to start making sense of all that you’ve uncovered in the first two modules. This should start to feel exciting as you’re unearthing possibly long-buried passions and strengths, even beginning to feel a sense of pride or, perhaps, that “MIND.BLOWN” as the lightbulbs have been turning on.

We’re going to help you discover your life priorities and help lay a solid foundation for creating bite-sized goals.  This will allow you to apply focused action and get to the place of visible forward momentum in life or business.  

Image by Stefan Cosma

Imagine having clear, actionable steps every day or even as little as two or three times per week, moving the needle more in the direction of your dreams and passions. Doing it in a way that feels good, focused, and doesn’t feel like you’re spinning your wheels. No longer feeling guilt or wondering if you’re doing enough… even removing the confusion of what you see others doing and no longer chasing the rabbit down the hole to find the “next best thing.”

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Believe us, we’re not coming to you from a lack of understanding of what you’re feeling and dealing with. You see, for years, we chased every rabbit that ran in front of us, and in our peripheral was EXHAUSTING. We tried to grow our own businesses, watched what others were doing, and wondered why it was working for them and not for us. I remember hopping on free calls, webinars, and everything in-between trying to find the “SECRET SAUCE.” It finally hit me, the secret is there was no secret; it was clarity within myself—definable passions, goals, and a game plan to make it happen. I was trying to navigate forward without a map, determining the terrain, or even the right vehicle for the trip.  Hopefully, this makes sense and helps to set up in your mindset how important this is to keep going in these exercises.

But before we jump ahead to your life priorities, we really want you to dig just a little deeper. Learning more about yourself in these modules, uncovering some self-truths, dreams that you’ve possibly buried away for years. Hopefully, you’ve experienced some enlightened moments going through this.  Perhaps you may start to see (or feel) the disconnect that your current life has created compared to what you have been writing and discovering in the exercises.

We don’t want to keep your momentum from slowing down, so let’s not stop for too long... let’s keep working and get you and your life aligned and on the right track. In the next exercise, we have purposely left the statements somewhat open-ended without leading you to a too-specific response.  We do not want to lead you to an answer but provide just enough so that you may discover it deep inside yourself.

Stop here and complete your “Final Discovery” statements in your workbook now, or use the exercises below and answer in your own notebook.

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Fill in the blanks below:

1. I feel my very BEST when _____.

2. I have the most energy when _____.

3. I know I need to start better habits of _____.

4. Without fail, I always later regret _____.

5. I'm bored out of my mind when _____.

6. If I _____ more often, I would feel so much better about myself.

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