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Module  5


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Before you get started, you'll need your "Fab 3's Breakdown" Sheet.

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You've accomplished a lot already in this program. You've learned so much about yourself in the past few modules, and now it's time to finally set some goals. Once you let go of time wasters and nail down your available work time in the "Time" section, you'll know exactly what you will need to do when you can do it, and you'll be 100% focused so you can see this through.

Right about now, you should be starting to feel a little bit excited…you're so much closer to getting your life and your business moving in the direction you want, and you're likely starting to see the change you've always wanted but maybe never thought possible for yourself.

But now it's time to take everything that you've learned about yourself and your life priorities and hone in on 3 big goals that you want to achieve in the next 12 months. We call these goals your Fab 3's, and we'll be breaking goals down into yearly, monthly, and weekly goals. 

This boils down to digging in and discovering what you really want.

Do you want to...

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• Release your very first product or service?

• If you have not started yet…Start your own business and have a name, website, and an online store?


• If you have a business, maybe you've been thinking about branding yourself, so you stand out more.


• Or, maybe you want to achieve a certain rank or income level in your network marketing business.

• Perhaps you've dreamed of writing a blog, authoring a book, or being a guest blogger on a well-known blog?

• Do you have aspirations of public speaking?

• Maybe your big goal is earning a certification in something?

Whatever it is for you, you'll only list 3. We know that it can be easy to list more, but in this case, more is not better here. You want it to be small and focused. We're not looking to diversify...Here, LASER FOCUS is the key.

And this is NOT the time to freak out about TIME. I can almost hear your racing heart and worried thoughts about fitting this in and finding the time.  So, know this…we'll be covering time (and how you can successfully manage your time) in the next section. So, take that worry off of your plate, right now. 

Before we figured this out and finally dialed in on our own Fab 3's, we were all over the place and let me tell you, it reflected in our business and in our revenue (or more like lack of revenue). Aligning your goals to your top 3 priorities will be a game-changer for you, just as it was for us.  

It's time to work on your Fab 3's.

Use the tabs below to navigate each Fab 3 Lesson


Your Fab  3's

Pull out your Fab 3's Breakdown Sheet now, or use your own notebook for this exercise. If you have not downloaded, you can download HERE.

Starting with number one, by clicking the "Yearly Goals," tab and working through to the end.


Now that you've listed your top 3 goals, these need to be broken down into smaller bites.  Whatever your 12-month goals are, you need to break it down into 12 micro-goals.


If you want to become a popular blogger that leads to writing your own book, then a monthly goal would be to write 8 blog posts per month and find at least 1 person's blog you can guest blog for per month. If you're in network marketing, possibly this would look like hitting a certain sales, points, or recruitment milestone. This would depend on what your comp plan looks like for the rank and/or income level you want to accomplish. (e.g., If you need 12 people on your team to earn a certain rank within a year, then your monthly recruitment goal would be 1 new person per month.)

My Fab 3 Monthly Goals Are:

1. _______________________

2. _______________________

3. _______________________


You made it to that LAST ONE!

Now that you have your weekly goals, you can now break it down 1 step further into DAILY action tasks.

Now, the thing with daily action tasks, depending on your yearly goal and monthly goals, you may not have to work daily to meet your weekly goals. In the TIME section of this program, you can determine what days will work best for you to focus and do your daily tasks.

Go back now and look at each of your weekly goals.

Can you determine what you need to do daily (or so many days in the week) to meet your weekly goal?


Remember, we stated that you may or may not need to have focused work EVERY day to meet your weekly goal. Determine what day(s) you can work in the TIME section.

1. _______________________

2. _______________________

3. _______________________

My Fab 3 DAILY Activities Are:

Now, if you haven't already, you can transfer your answers to the TOP section of your Fab 3's worksheet. You will NOT yet fill in the bottom, this will be completed in the TIME section of the program.



We're so PROUD of you! We know that this section was in-depth and certainly took some time and commitment to complete it. You should certainly feel very proud of yourself. You've taken great strides to better yourself and your life.

When you're ready, you can now move forward to TIME and discover how and where you can create more of it.

See you there!


By now, you can see where we're going with this. We just can't stop here. Let's face it, even a month's goal is too overwhelming. Well, maybe not so much overwhelming as it is not enough to push us to not only meet the goal but to exceed it.

Procrastinators  Listen  Up!

It's natural for us to procrastinate and to believe we've "done enough" or done more than we actually have. But you're not looking to be average; you're looking to be the one who refuses to settle. You know you have to rock the boat to break the constant cycles you've been stuck in for way too long.

Now, let's take your 3 monthly goals and turn them into 4 weekly goals. But now they are starting to be more actionable. It's not just something you're working towards; it's now becoming a task.


Let's use network marketing as an example again. You want to add 12 people to your team this year, which means you must recruit 1 person/month. The question is, how many people must you talk to and get the business/products in front of to finally find someone who wants to sign up with you? This would be a great question to research or ask someone in your business so that you can get an idea of what this actually means for you. If you find out its 28 people for every 1 signup, then each week, you would need to engage with 7 people.


The same thing for writing. If you need to write 8 blog posts/month, you must write 2 blog posts/week and be researching/connecting with bloggers for guest blog opportunities.

See how this works? Of course, you will have some unknowns, and upfront may have to guess some numbers until you figure it out. But at least you'll have goals and a plan.

My Fab 3 WEEKLY Goals Are:

1. _______________________

2. _______________________

3. _______________________


Your top 3 goals for the next 12 months must align and support your top 3 priorities. This is going to help you pare down and narrow it to only 3.

These are big goals that can’t be achieved short-term, and you know you’ll need to break them down into bite-sized pieces to accomplish.

My Top Fab 3 Goals For The Next 12 Months Are:

1. _______________________

2. _______________________

3. _______________________

After completing each Fab 3 exercise, click to return to the Program Dashboard when you're ready to begin the next book, "TIME."

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