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Busy and Broke

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In Conclusion

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This is so much bigger than a simple pat-on-the-back. This is HUGE. You've not only overcome so many things that have held you back in your business (or in your life, for that matter), but you've also managed to commit to the time to make these changes happen.


You've committed to YOU in a whole new way. You should feel AMAZING for making it happen.

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Of course, moving forward, you won't be doing these modules within your day, but since you've determined what it takes in terms of your time, you should now have the time to commit to your goals in a meaningful way.


So, make sure you continue to use your daily breakdown sheets so that you can keep your time in check and your goals front and center.


Those who succeed don't necessarily have more time than anyone else; they're simply more focused & clearer on their time and goals than others who haven't figured out how to manage that yet. They also don't self-sabotage their efforts to consistently move forward.


We want that to be YOU...and after completing this program, this should be you! We want YOU to be committed to your dreams and find that time and energy that might have been lacking before this program.


You'll discover the more action steps you take towards those dreams, the more drive, and energy it'll give you as you knock down those goals and see your business and plans start to take shape.


You don't need to be overwhelmed with the beginning, either. You just need to focus on it one day at a time. Soon you'll see what you've accomplished and you’ll wow yourself.

Our last question is this:

Where will YOU be one year from now?

We'd love to read snippets of your future story. Feel free to share your experiences over in the private group.

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Make It  Official


Click, type your name, and print your certificate.*  Be proud of your great work and share it with your friends! 

*Must be accessed via desktop or saved as a file to your phone first, then you may add your name and print.

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Share your certificate in the private Facebook group and on social media with #BusyandBrokeGrad

This concludes the program. 


Care to share your experience with us to help us better serve in future programs?

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