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Prepare Yourself For…


Clear/Focused Goals, Owning Your Time, and Unleashing Your Money Potential.

We’re so glad that you’ve decided to invest in YOU. Taking this step is a big deal. It means you’re ready for a significant change in your life. It also means that you believe you are worthy of the change you seek. 


Many women are running on fumes while still hoping to go after dreams and meet goals, but are relentlessly side-swiped by life. Too many are either giving up or moving those goals to the back-burner...again.


We’re here to say that the “Secret” isn’t so secret, and that’s what this program is all about. We created this program to be more than another list of to-dos that may or may not make real, long-lasting change, but to walk you through, hand-in-hand, step-by-step. When it’s all complete, you know EXACTLY what to do, when to do it, and how to shift your time so that you MAKE TIME to do the work that moves the needle in your life and business.

Image by Anthony Tran

Before we get started, here are some things we want to share with you before beginning this program

  • This program is designed to follow a particular format, so please ensure that you follow the program in its exact order.

  • Work at your own pace. There isn’t a timeframe to complete the program, but the less time between modules, the better. 

  • The PDF download is the companion workbook to the online program. You will find space to do the exercises and worksheets you will use during and after the program to track your time and activities. If you do not have access to a printer, you may use your own notebook.

  • Every module offers an MP3 format, making following along even easier.  Maybe listen along as you read, or perhaps to listen on-the-go!

  • COMMIT to yourself during this time. We know you’re here because you lack time, but the only thing that will break that cycle is to do this work. 

  • There are 3 chapters; CLARITY, TIME, AND MONEY. Each chapter has multiple modules that you will work on and complete. We do not recommend trying to complete more than one module in a day. Some of them may actually take longer to complete as you stop and think about things before coming back to them. 

  • Join our private Facebook tribe and connect with other women like you.  

Now the real work begins, but it’s work for a very worthy purpose, YOU!


What are you waiting for?  Let’s get started!

Click "First Lesson" to begin Module 1 of "Clarity," or return to the Program Dashboard.

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