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Module  2


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"The truth hurts." We've all said it to someone; we’ve likely even said it to ourselves at one time or another. But because the truth does hurt, we tend to distort between what’s real and what we think. We all know for a fact that we need money to survive, yet we still tend to have bad feelings surrounding it. It’s exhausting always feeling torn between these two extremes.


Have you ever noticed that the more you need money, and the tighter your budget, the more you tend to obsess about money?

Well, now it's time to view money in a way where it's welcomed into our bank accounts.

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Let's keep moving forward here with more honest discovery about ourselves.


Complete the Money Mindset Questionnaire and if you feel comfortable, share your thoughts on money in our private group on Facebook.

Complete the "Money Mindset Questionnaire" exercise.


Money Mindset Questionnaire

There are NO right or wrong answers. Don’t overthink it... Be honest with yourself. You’re the only one seeing your answers.

1. Think about your life as it is TODAY. Are you happy with where your life is today? _____


2. What’s your view of yourself?  

     ___ A) I'm ​​​​​​struggling, and the struggle is real!

     ___ B) I'm a success right now, but I am always open to learning to get to the next level.


3. Money makes me feel uncomfortable. 

     ___ True

     ___ False


4. Be honest...can you discuss money comfortably with someone or does it stress you out?

     ___ Yes

     ___ No


5. When I think about money, I feel...

     ___Excited and happy!  Money affords me the opportunity to live as I please.

     ___ Frustrated and fearful at times.


6. Write a sentence or two describing how you feel about wealth. _____


7. When you were a kid, did you think you were rich or poor? _____

     Why do you believe this? _____


8. Does money play a central theme in your thinking and how you plan your future? _____

     Explain and give examples: _____


9. On a scale of 1-10, what's your stress level around $$$? _____  Examples below:

     1 = I can't even talk about it without stressing out.

     10 = My comfort level is HIGH around my finances...bring it!


10. What are your earliest memories surrounding money? _____

You  Discovered  A  Lot!

Or maybe you already knew this but quite possibly see it very differently written out and in front of you. So now that you can see it before you, it’s time to write your money story. You are the author; you can face the past so you can rewrite your future.

This completes Money: Module 2. Click "Next Lesson" to begin Module 2 or return to the Program Dashboard.

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