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Module  1


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We can't initiate change without being willing to acknowledge where we've been and where we are.

To change our money story, we must first be willing to talk about it.

It's crucial to uncover truths around generating income, money fears, why people don't talk about money, etc. Throughout this process, similar to what you did in the CLARITY modules, you will begin an uncovering process.  This will set the stage so you may move forward with a new sense of freedom. 


As always, answer the following questions as transparently as possible. The more honest you are, the more you will get out of this. 

Ready to get started?  Complete the "How I Earn Money" exercise.


How I Earn Money

  1. Main job (working for someone else): _____

  2. Sides jobs (working for someone else) if any: _____

  3. Side business(es) while working main job: _____ 

  4. Full time business(es) with no other main job: _____

  5. Do you plan on keeping your job if your business takes off?  Y? N? Why? _____

  6. What do you struggle with the most in your job or business? _____ 

  7. What is the worst-case scenario if your business doesn’t take off? _____

Great  Work! 

We know it's not always easy to stop and do a self-assessment, but hopefully, you can use your new open time-blocks to do this essential work for some "me time." It's imperative to move forward. You should feel proud of yourself for what you've accomplished already and what accomplishments are to come as you progress further along through these modules. Now, let's move on and take a look in the mirror. 

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